Superman Syndrome

My friend (let’s call him Todd) and I had been in this scenario way too many times: seated side by side,dissatisfied with life, myself the well intentioned listener, him wondering why his girlfriend was cheating on him… again.

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“I get her whatever she wants, I drive to see her every chance I get, I’m on the phone with her constantly, what else am I supposed to do?”

I’d heard this way too many times in the course of this relationship. He was forever going above and beyond for this girl who, quite frankly, didn’t deserve it.

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8 Things I Wish Girls Knew About Working Out

I know, this is so different from my usual post but it’s one that I feel needs to be made. I’ve been working in a gym since December 2017, and I’ve been working out off and on for a couple years now. As a girl constantly confronted with the way girls feel about both themselves and about working out, I’ve got some news flashes for you.

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Is the Wait Worth It?

I read the whole Eragon series as a kid.

In my mind, Christopher Paolini was a genius! He made an imaginary world come to life2eb133cf-d3d2-40f7-8cd5-ecb2ea8c67bf on paper. He designed creatures that we loved, cheered for, cried over. He went so far as to invent his own language and even included the rules for speaking it in the backs of his books (I tried very hard to learn it). Are you ready for the best part? The first book in the cycle was published when Paolini was no older than sixteen. SIXTEEN!

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Selfie Confidence

In this day and age of Snapchat streaks and #DoItForTheGram it’s easier than ever before to compare yourself to millions of beautiful people all over the world. If you’re anything like me, you scroll through your Instagram feed to a symphony the tune of,

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“She’s so cute.”

“I want her hair.”

“Her skin is so clear!”

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The Wicked Witch of Worry

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Mother and Marquee

While several of my friends froze their buns off at the beach, my mother and I took a day for ourselves to cross something off our bucket lists. That’s right, Wicked. Eight years ago, when first we set foot on Broadway, the buzz about the history of Oz was just kicking up. While I don’t regret my request to see In the Heights starring Corbin Bleu (be still my thirteen-year-old heart), Mother and I have been aching to see Wicked ever since! Recently, the touring company of the critically acclaimed musical came to nearby Memphis, and we just had to see it! Continue reading “The Wicked Witch of Worry”

An Unexpected Party

“…This is a story of how a Baggins had an adventure, and found himself doing and saying things altogether unexpected…”

I read The Hobbit. It was one time and a great many years ago, but I loved how unusual it all was. The above quote is one of my favorite lines of the entire book and I think it illustrates a very important concept: most good stories occur when somebody does something unusual or unexpected. You wouldn’t call your friend to let them know that you rolled out of bed, walked twelve steps to the bathroom to brush your teeth, and stared at your reflection (you might, but that’s a bit unusual) because that’s not a good story.

So here’s the story about how a little English Major did something unusual and invited the public world into her private one.

“But Anna,” I can hear you saying, “isn’t that was social media is for?”

Sure, to an extent. Facebook is where your friends can roll your eyes at your random opinions and forget you ever had them a few days later. I’ve been an avid journal keeper for several years now, and the thing about a journal is it’s a little book of lessons learned that lives in my nightstand. I figure there’s probably a few other people out there who might like to learn from my successes and failures in more than 140 characters, and without having to risk their own reputation.

Also, potential employers in the English community seem to encourage blogs as a way to review the writing styles of their applicants.

Fun and functional, right?

So, here’s to doing the unexpected (and the inevitable). From makeup, to matters of the heart, there’s much to discuss. Grab some tea, and start taking notes. There’s adventure to be had.